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Cindy went to the store with just enough money to buy 11 files.However, she bought only 8 files and spent the rest of her money on 24 pens and rulers. The ratio of the number of pens to rulers was 3:5. Each ruler costs $0.80. Each pen costs $0.40 more than a ruler.How much did she spent on the files?

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    pens - 3x
    rulers - 5x
    3x+5x= 24

    so she bought 9 pens and 15 rulers

    amount spent on pens and rulers = 9(1.20) + 15(.80) = 22.80

    money spent on files : money spent on pens&rulers = 8:3
    money spent on files/22.8 = 8/3
    = 60.80

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