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I have a feeling that my sentences are very bad. can you please correct them.
the three senetnces are based on the poem "crossing thebar" by alfred tennyson.

1) The reason why the ship comes out from the boundless deep is because the ship symbolically represents the transportation to heaven.

2)So the boat arrives on earth to pick up “passengers”, the souls of the dead, and then retuns back to heaven.

3) The reason why boundless deep refers to heaven is because both have no limits and no boundaries.

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    2) check the spelling of "returns"

    3) The reason why the boundless deep


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    The sentences aren't bad; just wordy!

    1) The ship comes out of the boundless deep because it symbolizes our transportation to heaven.

    2) The ship arrives on earth to pick up “passengers”, the souls of the dead, and then retuns to heaven.

    3) The phrase "the boundless deep" refers to heaven because both have no limits and no boundaries.
    (The words "limits" and "boundaries" in this last sentence seem repetitive, too -- one should be removed.)

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