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This is from the book Nothing but the truth by Avi. The question is: After reading the memo in chapter 6, what do you think is the most important issue to the superintendent right now? Please read below to and tell me what you think the answer is because I'm stuck.

To: All administrations, Faculty, and Staff
From: School Superintendent Seymour

Dear Colleagues,
As I am sure you are well aware the April 5 municipal elections wll haves votes for the second time casting ballotes on the school budget. This time, in addition, a new board of education will be chosen.
Since the budget was rejected a month ago, we have worked very hard to cut our request for next year to the bone. But there is still no guarantee that the votes will accept this budget either.
Throughout the U.S. we find that the aging population ( living on restricted and/or shrinking incomes in a inflation- prone world), along with reduced government support of education, conflicts with the needs if young people who live in society that demands educational excellence even while promoting passive acceptance of mass- media culture.
I therefore urge all of you to talk to as many voters as possible in an effort take clear our vision of the educational future here in Harrison. Let me blunt. A failure to win voter approval on this budget can only mean major problems for programs and personnel.
In reference to the forthcoming board elections, I should like to remind you of this: tempers can flare; bot words are often part of public debate. If by any chance, any controversial issue springs up between now and election day, I would very much appreciate being informed as to the particulars. None of us likes to be taken unawares. If this office can provide information and facts to the electorate, we shall all be better off. An informed voter is a wise voter. Let us inform the voters with the truth.

Sincerely, Dr. Albert Seymour, D. Ed.
School Superintendent

Please help!

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    The most important issue for Dr. Seymour is passing the school budget.

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