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Hydrazine, N2H4 can be made (on paper) by reaction of molecular nitrogen and molecular hydrogen,
2 H 2 ( g ) + N 2 ( g ) --> N 2 H 4 ( g ) and suppose that the equilibrium constant Kp has the value 1×10^–3.
(a) A stoicheometric mixture of H2 and N2 is placed in a container with 1.00 atm total pressure, and the container is sealed. Compute the equilibrium concentration of hydrazine and the final pressure in the container.
(b) If N2H4 were prepared and put into a cylinder at 1 atm pressure, and then subsequently allowed to come to equilibrium at this same total pressure, how much hydrazine would remain (what partial pressure)?
(c) Hydrazine is used as rocket fuel, so it can be made in large amounts. How do you suppose this is done? Why doesn’t it just decompose to nitrogen and hydrogen?

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