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If the earth acceleration due to gravity on a mass of 2000kg on the earth surface is 10ms.What will be the acceleration due to gravity when it is at a point twice the radius of the earth.What is the gravitational force on it.

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    F = G M1 M2/r^2

    G, M1 and M2 are the same, only r changes
    so in this problem
    F = k/r^2

    r2 = 2 r1
    F1 = k/r1^1 = m g = 20,000N
    F2 = k/r2^2 = k/4r1^2

    F2/F1 = 1/4

    F2 = 2000 * 10/4 = 5,000 N

    F2 = m g2
    5,000 = 2,000 g2
    g2 = 2.5 m/s^2

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