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What is the chief rhetorical featuren of this sentence? the baby was like an oxctopus, grabbing at all the toys.

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    This questions can be asking many different things so hopefully this it what you are wanting....

    If you are wanting to know the type of sentence it is a simile.

    If you wanting to know which part of the sentence makes it "Rhetorical sentence" I am 99% sure it is:

    (The baby was like and octopus)

    Remember it as anything that is very effective in the sentence and/or is Persuasive. Basically it stands out.

    Sorry for the rambling, hopefully this helped. :)

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    Julie's post is not only incorrect; it's very difficult to make sense of. I'm surprised.

    The type of sentence is declarative.

    The rhetorical device is simile, as Ms. Sue already replied.

    I don't know what the rest of this is supposed to mean.

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