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1.9 kg block slides along a frictionless surface at 1.8 m/s. A second block, sliding at a faster 4.5 m/s, collides with the first from behind and sticks to it. The final velocity of the combined blocks is 3.5 m/s.

What was the mass of the second block?

How do you set this equation up? I tried a couple of different ways and nothing worked, I only have one attempt left before I get the question wrong. Please help

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    Use conservation of linear momentum.
    M1*V1 + M2*V2 = (M1+M2)*V3

    The only unknown is M2 in this case, so you can solve for it.

    1.9*1.8 + M2*4.5 = (1.9 + M2)*3.5
    3.42 + M2 = 6.65
    M2 = ____ kg

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