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The question is "Address the nutritional needs of the following" Infants, Teenagers, Adults, Women during pregnancy, and Older adults...

The other part is: Use one slide to illustrate each stage of life detailing the needs of the man in one column and the needs of the woman in another.........Not sure how to do this one........

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    Are you doing a PowerPoint?

  • SCI 241 Nutrition -

    yes I am doing a PowerPoint.....

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    Ok, so the first part of the assignment is to address the needs of all ages..Is that supposed to be on another slide, or does that go along with the slide that separates male and female?

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    The first part is on each individual and then the man and woman is suppose to be on a slide by itself.

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    First off,
    I would look online for pictures of infants, teens, etc. With each slide cut and paste into your slide.
    On each slide I would arrange nutritional needs that each particular group has issues with;
    Say with infants it is protein, calcium, fat, and carbohydrates.

    You could find a picture of a nutritionally sound infant and one who isn't. The same with the other ages.

    In your notes, discuss a little about each age group and why the nutritional needs are an issue. Why they are necessary and what happens when they aren't met.

    In your male and female slide
    do the same thing. Divide the slide in half (not necessarily with a line)
    Get a good picture of a male and female.
    list similarities and differences in their nutritional needs.
    You could note at what ages the differences and what ages the similarities occur.

    I suggest with this type of PowerPoint keep it more simple and use less graphics. However, you can find wonderful background graphics for nutrition, like finding a particular pictures online of nutritional needs such as calcium, fruits, vegetables, etc.
    What do you think?

  • SCI 241 Nutrition -

    Thank you so much for your help

  • SCI 241 Nutrition -

    You are welcome,
    If you need any more ideas let me know.

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