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In-class presentation (history)

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Look, I'm stuck. I've been trying to get an idea all week. The last thing that I want to do is use a powerpoint as my visual aid. In fact i've removed it from even being considered. At one point I thought about doing a video confrence or asking people-on-the-street what they thought about a specific topic. Only both of these things wouldn't work with a presentation on the Warsaw Pact and NATO. I also thought about presenting my speech in RPG as if I were a teacher but my parents said that would be a bad idea.

I am so stuck. I need an idea asap and all the websites I look at just tell me to be innovative. I've tried being innovative! ITs not working!

Please, are there any ideas that would work?


  • In-class presentation (history) -

    If you don't want to use PowerPoint and don't want to use any of the ideas in the links I sent you yesterday, I don't know what to tell you. If you don't want to be innovative, then just use PowerPoint.

  • In-class presentation (history) -

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