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Okay I am soo confused with these two questions:

The resultant of two forces acting on a body has a magnitude of 80 pounds. The angles between the resultant and the forces are 20° and 52°. Find the magnitude of the larger force.

Without the wind, a plane would fly due east at a rate of 150 mph. The wind is blowing southeast at a rate of 50 mph. The wind is blowing at a 45° angle from due east. How far off of the due east path does the wind blow the plane?

for this i got 10.8 degrees?

  • Precalculus -

    Solve for M.

    second question

    50cos45=windspeed south.
    50sin45= windspeed east

    plane vector: 150E+50sin45E +50cos45 S

    so the angle is arc tan (35/(185))= 10.7 deg. check my math, I did most of it in my head.

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