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a barrel of oil at rest has a mass of 65kg it is rolled down a 1.2m ramp. Due to constant force exerted on it, the barrel reaches a velocity of 4.2 m/s upon leaving the ramp. Find the constant force on the barrel while it is on the ramp?

Help please.

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    It is unclear whether the barrel is rolling or sliding. If one assumes sliding down a frictionless ramp,

    where vf^2=2a*4.2 or a=vf^2/8.4
    solve for f.

    Now, if rolling, come back and say so, it is more complicated.

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    rolling down a ramp not sliding

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    Now if it is rolling, the filled barrel has a moment of inertia of 1/2 Mr^2

    The angular velocity at the bottom must be w=Vf/r

    KE at bottom=PE at top
    1/2 I w^2+ 1/2 m vf^2=mgh
    so solve for h.

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