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Hi! I've been having trouble doing my world history assignment.. if anyone can help; here are the instructions..

This assignment asks you to write about an event from two different points of view. Historians often read conflicting accounts of events and depending on which account they feel is more accurate, the resulting histories can be quite different from one another.

the following events: the Exodus, the division of Israel into two kingdoms, the Babylonian Captivity, or the return of the Jews to Jerusalem from Babylon and write TWO articles from opposite perspectives. Each article should be between 250–300 words


i chose the Exodus cause its the one i know about the most.. but i have no idea what they're asking me to do. they want me to write about two prospective about the Exodus? what can i possibly write about that?

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    Write two accounts --

    -- one from the point of view of Moses or Aaron

    -- one from the point of view of Pharoah

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    I didn't read about aaron.. but i did read about the Pharoah and Moses. can i do it from the point of view from the Israelite's and the Egyptians?

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    also if you can give me an example of what i have to write...

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    Yes, one article should be from the point of view of Moses and his people. The other should represent the Pharaoh and his people.

    I'd make each article straight forward -- as if you were writing an article for a history book or magazine. If you use journalistic style, your first sentence will be a brief summary of the event. If you use a more academic style, then you'll need to include the thesis statement in the first paragraph.

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    Aaron was Moses's brother. Moses was willing to listen to God and follow his commands, but he didn't consider himself a good speaker in front of huge crowds of people. So Moses received the commands of God and his brother Aaron communicated all that to others. You could say that Aaron was Moses's mouthpiece!

    Exodus 4:11-17

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    Thank you both :)

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