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Please let me know if is it true?

If exactly 15 seconds of speech are to be sampled at a rate of 44 100
samples per second and each sample is represented by 16 bits of data,
then the resulting file size will be more than 1.4 megabytes.

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    so each sample takes 2 bytes ( 8 bits = 1 byte)

    number of bytes = 15(44100)(2) = 1323000
    = 1.26 MB

    I divided by 1024^2 instead of 1000^2
    Since 2^10 = 1024 , a number close to 1000, very often we estimate by using multiples of 1000 instead of the true power of 2.
    If I use just multiples of 1000, then it would have been
    1.32 MB

    Here is a page with the different units

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