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I need to write notecards for the speech. How do I going about doing this?

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    There are many websites with good ideas, including at least one video.

    My preference:
    ~use 3 x 5 inch cards with lines
    ~number the cards in sequence so you don't get lost
    ~don't write whole sentences, just the main ideas
    ~use a blue pencil to mark where you need to remind yourself to slow down or even pause -- if you speak too fast, people will have trouble understanding you, so practice in front of a mirror or your mom or someone and speak a bit more slowly than you normally do

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    Great! Thanks for everything!!!

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    for my speeches, I use notecards numbered in sequence with keywords.

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    I also had to do a 1 minute introduction speech. Will this work?

    Good afternoon students and faculty members. We are fortunate today to have a guest speaker by the name of Lizzie Too. Ms. Too is here today to talk to you about the dangers of aggressive driving. She unfortunately knows firsthand about aggressive driving, which ended in a severe case of road rage. She is the only sole survivor of such a deadly accident. What started out as a fun and exciting day ended in a very tragic way? After losing her two best friends one summer evening to a very angry driver, she vowed that she would travel around the country talking and educating high school students about the dangers of this deadly epidemic.

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    only sole = they mean the same thing; choose one to use

    talking to and educating high school ...

    Everything else sounds fine.

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