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If sinx= -1/4 and x terminates in the third quadrant, find the exact value of sin2x

My answer is sqrt-15/8

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    sin2x=2sinx cos x

    = 2*-.25*cos x but

    sin^2x+cos^2x=1 so
    cosx=sqrt 3/4

    so now you have it.
    check sign: if x is in the third quadrant, so 2x will be in the second quadrant, where sine is +

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    wait i don't understand how you did your math?

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    dont you use the formula sin2 theta =2sintheta cos theta?

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    I used that formula sin^2x+cos2x=1

    -1/4 squared minus that by one and squareroot it square root of 15 over 4

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    you can do these a number of ways...

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    I get

    =sqrt(15) / 8

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    Awesome thanks mathmate!

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    You're welcome!

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