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latitude of 35degree north and 70 degree east.30degree north 90degree east.40 degree north 138degree east.

  • dmmsu basic geography -

    These are three separate locations on earth. You need a world map to locate them.

    Is this a LAT/LONG map reading exercise?

    35N, 70 E is in the Atlantic Ocean between North Carolina and Bermuda

    30N, 90 E is very near New Orleans, LA

    40N 138 E is in the Pacific Ocean, about 1000 miles west of Cape Mendocino, northern CA

  • basic geography (correction) -

    I read you latitudes as West by mistake. Force of habit.

    35N, 70 E is near Kabul, Afghanistan

    30N, 90 E is near Lhasa, Tibet, China

    40N 138 E is offshore of Akita, Japan in the Sea of Japan.

  • geography (P.S.) -

    You might enjoy this description of a trip to your exact second location:

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