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I need to prepare different grammar tests. I really hope you can see if everything is OK.

1) Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence. (6 pts.)

1.It usually takes him half an hour to drive to work.
2.Sandra was hurrying to school yesterday morning because she was late.
3.They have never been to Australia. It’s too far.
4.June has asked a very difficult question.
5.Sean has ordered three desserts and he is on a diet!
6.She lived in Paris two years ago.

2) Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Continuous form of the verbs (7 pts.)

1) While my father ………. (to go out), the phone ………. (to ring). 2) My sister ……… (to speak) to me when my husband ………. (to arrive) and ………. (to interrupt) her. 3) Laurence’s parents ……………….. (to get married) twenty-five years ago and so they ……… ( to give) a party yesterday night. 4) How you …….. (to cut) your fingers yesterday? While I ……… (to peel) potatoes. 5) While my friend ………(to drive) me home after the disco last night, he ……. (to crash) his car. 6) Why …… you ……. (to wake) me up a minute ago? I ……… (to dream) I ……. (to lie) on a sunny beach.

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    In section 1, be sure to put a space after each period -- every one, including the numbers of the sentences.

    In section 2, press the Enter key just before each number and parenthesis mark so the sentences are in a list, as in section 1.

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