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Okay, I need to find the 101th term of the sequence 5,9,13,17,21...

Do I do this:
a1 + (n-1)d


Did I do this problem correctly?

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    First, check your formula against values:
    where a1=5, d=4, and n=term number
    For the first term, n=1
    5+(1-1)*4=5 correct
    For the third term:
    5+(3-1)*4=5+2*4=13 correct.
    So there is a good chance the formula.

    Now do the calculations for the 101th term:
    Remembering that in all calculations, the priority of operations is in the order:
    * or ÷
    + or -

    So we need to multiply before add, or
    =5 + (100*4)
    =5 + 400
    = 405

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