careers in early childhood education

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Examples of best practices of caregivers, culled from different childcare experiences, include all of the following Except: a.)exude an energetic affection for the children. b.)tell parents judgmental stories about their children. c.)problem-solve with parents. d.)engage in helping the child through his or her current struggles.

  • careers in early childhood education -

    i think it's b what about you

  • careers in early childhood education -

    Which ONE includes negative words/behavior on the part of the caregiver?

  • careers in early childhood education -

    i really don't get it please help me

  • careers in early childhood education -

    a. energetic affection

    b. judgmental stories

    c. problem-solve with parents

    d. helping the child through...

    Look up any words you aren't clear on, and then let me know which one is NEGATIVE. That's your answer.

  • careers in early childhood education -

    I agree that the answer is b.

    That has a negative connotation.

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