careers in early childhood education

posted by lachelle mitchell

Factors that support the need for a more family-centered approach to education include an increase in the divorce rates and the: a.)increasing numbers of immigrant families. b.)need for children to respect their elders. c.)federal legislation that forces early childhood education programs to serve adult populations. d.)increase in delinquency problems among urban preschool children.

  1. lachelle mitchell

    i don't get this one i think it's a i'm not really sure please help

  2. Writeacher

    Well, c and d are clearly ridiculous!

    Give us your reasoning between a and b.

  3. lachelle mitchell

    well i think b is not it and a is it what about you

  4. Ms. Sue

    I agree. A. is the answer.

  5. Writeacher

    Yes, I agree with a.

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