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Three fresh water and ocean water resource challenges

fresh water resource challenges

Aquifer depletion Lowers the water table. Prolonged aquifer depletion drains an aquifer dry, eliminating it as a water resource and may cause sink holes.
Overdrawing surface water Removing too much freshwater cause’s disastrous consequences in ecosystems. Wetlands dry up in which serves as breeding grounds for many species of birds and other animals.
Saltinition of irrigated soil Accumulation of salt in the land from irrigation. High levels of salt can poison plants or cause the roots to dehydrate.

Ocean Water Resource Challenge

Coastal Development Areas become over populated, polluted, and destroys natural habitats such as, mangroves and reefs.
Point source pollution The dumping of sewage, garbage, ship ballast oils, and other waste. These pollutants and toxins kill the ecosystem as well.
World fisheries Fish are being over fished for human consumption. It is damaging ecosystem and killing off species.

In 200 to 300 words, respond to the following: Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.

The water resource that I have chosen to write about is point source pollution. This issue has become a big problem because people see it as a luxury to travel on ships for long distances and
people don’t think about where their waste is going. It is also a problem because we
ship many kinds of items on boats and ships for many days and weeks at a time and have come
to rely on this way of shipment. Those people need to shower and do their own bathroom routines. With that being said, all this sewage has to go somewhere. People as a whole want to be ignorant when it comes to problems like this. They think problems like this will just be “swept under the rug” and that will be the end of it. Human activities have contributed to the problem by giving in to their wants and by helping the boat companies increase their income and when it’s all over, they come home and tell their friends. Then, it starts all over again. It’s a “win-win” situation for the boat companies and people, who support them, but it is always a losing situation for the oceans, plants and, animals because the more people ride on these boats, the more waste there will be in the ocean.

  • Can someone please check my answers -

    Your responses look good.

  • Can someone please check my answers -

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  • Can someone please check my answers -

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