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A swimming pool is 120' long,45' wide and 10' deep.How long would it take to fill with water if your maximum fill rate was 15 gallons per minute?

  • construction -

    120 * 45 * 10 = 54,000 cubic feet

    1 Cubic Foot = 7.48051948 Gallons

    54 000 * 7.4805 = 403,947 gallons

    Divide by 15.

  • construction -

    well you are trying to fill inside of a rectangle with water so unless you already tried this I would find the volume of the pool(120x45x10)which gives us 54000.

    Then you would divide the volume of the pool by the rate at which it is filled so 54000/15(gal. per min.)= 3600.

    Then you would divide 3600 min. by 60 min.(60 min.= 1hr) to find out how long it would take to fill the pool. 3600/60= 60.

    So it would take roughly either 3600 min. or 60 hrs to fill the pool at 15gal. per min.

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