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Which of the following statements about children and computers is not correct?
A. Today, many children begin using computers in preschool or day care.
B. Some day care providers begin computer-assisted instruction with children as
young as two years old.
C. When they’re using computers, children can control the speed and level at which
they work.
D. A child can’t use a computer as a learning tool until he or she is able to read.

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    Despite the obvious problems I have with computers in day care, one of those is obviously false. Which do you think it is?

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    software program features an electronic coloring book in which children get to paint charscters that comes to life wih a click of a mouse. this type of program is primarily designrd to develop childres's
    A. hand-eye coordination
    B. creativity
    C. emotional maturity
    d. knowledge of colors and shapes

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    day care

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    c? maybe

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