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A bag contains five pieces pf paper wit hthe emasures of various angles. The angle measures are 23,35,23,41,113. Suppose you pick 3 pieces of paper from the bag at random. What is the probability you can form an isosceles triangle with the three angles?

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    There is only one pair of equal angles, so the number of triples which are isosceles is 3
    that is, 23 23 35, 23 23 41, and 23 23 113

    total number of triplets:
    1. 23 not in the triple --- 1
    2. one 23 --- choose 2 from the remaining 3 , C(3,2) = 3
    3. two 23's --- 3
    a total of 7

    here they are
    35 41 113
    23 35 41, 23 35 113, 23 41 113
    23 23 35, 23 23 41, 23 23 113

    prob of your event = 3/7

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    Outstanding! Thanks!!

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    Who is Butch?

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    Lisa, Butch -- you are the same person. Please don't play games with us.

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    Hi Miss Sue, totally not playing. My husband and i are taking the same class, and asking the same questions. He just happened to repoy to mine. We appreciate all of your help. God Bless!

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    I have a question! Can someone please answer the same question but with the numbers 35, 56, 35, 84,110

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