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I have three questions hope you can help

2. Which one of the following statements regarding the use of software in class is true?

a) the emphasis of the program should be solely on repletion

b) it should allow children to make their own decisions rather than simply finding the right answers

c) Software should be accompanied with as much sound as possible for instructional reinforcement

d) when using the software, the teacher should give verbal directions before each step of the process

This is what my text says:

Clear instructions: How easy are the instructions? Young children do not read. To the extent that directions are dependant on the teachers reading to the children, children are being taught dependence in a medium that should foster independence.
Trial and error: Children need the opportunity to make decisions and test them. They need a program that allows them to generate hypotheses and to make their own decisions about what they like, not what is right or wrong.

I have eliminated A and C
I don’t know between B and D I m kind of leaning towards B

14. When organizing activities for children with advanced cognitive development you would not want to

a) emphasize brainstorming

b) encourage different problem solving methods

c) apply backwards chaining

d) increase complexity of activities and the time frame in which to do them

Increase complexity by adding materials and expanding the time frame
Provide activities and problems that require divergent thinking
Emphasise group and individual problem solving and brain storming
Encourage children to do activities in different was and reflect on the differences

So I have eliminated A and D
Not sure between B and C I think C

18. Which one of the following statements regarding listening skills is true?

a) listening skill can’t be taught; they are learned as children develop

b) don’t use visual cues when teaching listening skills

c) they can be best developed by reading children a story rather than by telling them one

d) listening allows children to realize that activities are changing

This is what the text says its kind of long

Listening is a relatively addition to the language and literacy curriculum. It was obvious to mot people that children learned to talk and must be taught to read and write, but listening was taken as a given. The belief was taught to read and write but listening was a given. The belief was that all children knew who to listen they needed to pay attention.
Listening is a complex component of learning. It involves hearing that allows for auditory identification and discrimination. There is a short and long term memory component. Listening or auditory processing is also part of attending and sensimotor integrated. If you ask a child what is your name the child must hear the question interpret the meaning and formulate a response. We do not assume children are listening unless they respond to our requests.
Listening or at least making sense out of what is heard taking in information has a developmental base. It is the role of the adult to match the ;language base of ht child. Use expansion and extension ca improve listening skill. Listening moves from a point when an infant can gain no meaning from words themselves to where children can listen to information about places they have not been before and have experiences they have never had.

No information intake via language initially the verbal aspects of language (words) have no meanings for children they uses non verbal cues by looking at what is being done or the tone of the voice to gain information.

Information intake if language is redundant with experience. This is like the play by play broadcast adults put into words what the children are seeing or experiencing.

Information intake if language compliments or extends the ongoing experiences

Information intake if language compliments or extends the context of the experience that is paints a broader scene.

Information in take if language compliments or extends a topic or activity that the child has initiated

Information intake if language reminds a child of a past or familiar experience and extends that experience

Information intake if language is about a new topic the child has no experiences with nor particular interest in.

  • resources for education young children part 3 -

    2. Definitely B. Several years ago I introduced a three-year-old to a software program. He had never used a computer before, and I was hovering, ready to help him. I'll never forget that after a few minutes he turned to me and politely said, "Sue, you can leave the room. I can do this myself!"

    14. I agree with c. You shouldn't use backward chaining in this situation.

    18. Your text is confusing, but I think the best answer is d.

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