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would someone write out the whole process of the following question, including solving for y so that i can see what i am doing wrong. Thank you

Solve by the substitution method. write as an ordered pair.

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    8x - 3y = 94 ---- Equation 1
    2x + 22 = y ---- Equation 2

    Sub y = 2x + 22 in equation 1

    8x - 3(2x + 22) = 94

    8x - 6x - 66 = 94

    2x = 94 + 66

    2x = 160

    x = 160/2

    x = 80

    Now sub x = 8 in eq 1 or eq 2 and find for y

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    Sorry, I made a mistake.

    Substitute x = 80 in equation 1 or equation 2 and fine for y.

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