Child Psychology

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I need help, could someone please check my answers to these five questions below. If I answered any that were wrong, please help me to identify the right answer. Thank you.

3. Even though her mother-in-law insists she is wrong, Danielle knows that which of the following statements about her new baby is FALSE?
<Infants cannot express emotions for about the first month. (This is my choice)>
Infants show facial expressions that are similar to adults who are expressing emotions.
One of the earliest emotional expressions shown by infants is unhappiness.
All human beings share the same basic emotions.

4. Linda has learned that if she sits on the floor and cries, sooner or later an adult will give her a piece of candy. This is an example of
classical conditioning.
<Operant Conditioning. (This is my choice)>
social learning.

10. Alfred has a mathematics background and believes strongly in quantitative measures of variables. Jeanne insists that many important developmental outcomes are more qualitative than numerical. It would appear that Alfred would favor the ___________ approach to studying cognitive development, whereas Jeanne is more ____________ in her views.
Piagetian, psychometric
<psychometric, Piagetian (This is my choice)>
behaviorist, psychometric
Piagetian, behaviorist

18. Amy knows that when she runs over and stands quietly by her grandfather's chair, he will reach over and tickle her under her chin. When a child learns to behave in a specific way to obtain a specific result, what is occurring?
<Habituation> (This is my choice)
classical conditioning
operant conditioning
social learning

19. Babies first wave their arms, then move their hands toward objects, and finally use their fingers. This sequence exemplifies which principle of development?
<Cephalocaudal This is my choice

My chioce for #3= <Infants cannot express emotions for about the first month. (This is my choice)>

My chioce for #4= operant conditioning. (This is my choice)

My chioce for #10= psychometric, Piagetian (This is my choice)

My chioce for #18= habituation (This is my choice)

My chioce for #19= cephalocaudal This is my choice

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