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Why do Eskimos wash their clothes in tide?
10 letters (doesn't have to be one word)
The answers:Cold out tide,Too Cold Out, Its cold Out, and No tap water don't work.

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    I notice it is tide, not Tide.
    In other words they are using ocean water due to not having tap water.

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    huh? that still doesnt answer my question?? Please help answer the question i really don't get it..Plzz :(

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    it is much too cold to wash them out tide
    10 spaces doesn't mean 10 letters it means 10 words in 10 spaces

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    It is much to cold to wash them out tide

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    Checked google and found nothing

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    Same with me mick lol :O

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    I pooped and sharted at the same time is that normal?💩💩💩

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    COLDOUTIDE. Try that. Cold outide. Outside.

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    The answer is
    It is much to cold to wash them out tide.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    do it yourself and stop cheating get help

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    THis is math homework stop cheatin

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    But Btw i looked it up again and it says wash It is much to cold to wash them out tide!

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    it was much to cold ouside

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    *too ^^ for all of you.

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    why do you people keep answering such long answers? she said 10 letters not 23!

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