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Sorry, sent in error.The question I have is I have an idea for my research on study habits. Which would be students who study alone vs. Group studies.What would be the grades on exams? and by hours of studying between self study and group studywould the grade have a difference? I am not quite maybe understanding how my numbers will be placed in the scenario if I am not conducting the research myself.

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    See my previous response.

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    You have at least two variables that can effect grades: group vs. individual study and number of study hours. Just considering those two variables, You can group into group/individual categories and various intervals of study time per week and determine the grade point average (GPA) within each cell. You can use a Chi Square test to evaluate your results.

    However, this needs to be for a particular course taught by a specific teacher, because varying these factors can also effect grades.

    I hope this helps.

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