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An airplane has an airspeed of 450 km/hr bearing N45E. The wind velocity is 30 km/hr in the direction N30W. What is the ground speed and what is its direction?.

I have gotten this far:
A= 450cos(45), 450sin(45) = (318.20, 318.20)

W= 30cos(120), 30sin(120) = (-15, 25.98)

A+W= 303.2 +344.18
|A+W|= 458.7
tan-1(344.18/303.2)= 48.62

How do I change 48.62 to degrees east of north, which is the actual direction if the aircraft relative to due north (round to the nearest tenth degree).

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    Our answers are identical:
    458.7km/hr @ 48.62 deg. CCW.

    90 - 48.62 = 41.38 deg,E of N.

    You did a good job on this problem!

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