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Write the statement in symbols using the p and q given below. Then construct a truth table for the symbolic statement and select the best match.

q = The food is good.

p = I eat too much.

If the food is not good, I won't eat too much.

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    Notq --> not p

    I am not certain you can do this
    q-->p as it is a logical fallacy.

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    ~q = the food is not good
    ~p = I won't eat too much

    ~q -> ~p = If the food is not good, then I won't eat too much.

    q. p. ~q. ~p. ~q -> ~p
    T. T. F. F. T
    T. F. F. T. T
    F. T. T. F. F
    F. F. T. T. T

    "select the best match" -- I don't know what to do with that.

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