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I need help with rearranging this equation to isolate c


I got this (a/b)+(1/d)=(1/c) but I don't know the last step with the reciprocal. Could someone please help, thank you

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    First, write a/b + 1/d with a common denominator.

    ad/bd + b/bd
    (ad + b)/bd

    You can easily take the reciprocal from here.

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    the computer said my answer was correct like this (a/b)+(1/d)=(1/c) but I need to do the reciprocal of (1/c) and I don't know how that will look in the equation

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    Here is how the equation should look:

    a/b + 1/d = 1/c
    ad/bd + b/bd = 1/c
    (ad + b)/bd = 1/c

    Taking the reciprocal of both sides...

    bd/(ad + b) = c

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    thank you. It worked

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    You're welcome.

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