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Use the diagram below for the following question.
P(2,1), Q(11,1), and R(8,7)
M and N are the midpoints ofandrespectively.
Find MN and PQ.
How do these lengths compare with each other?.

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    Which points are M and N the midpoints of?

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    "M and N are the midpoints ofandrespectively"

    From the context of the problem I will assume you meant
    "M and N are the midpoints of RP and RQ respectively"

    M is (5,4) and N is (9.5 , 4)

    MN = √((9.5-5)^2 + (4-4)^2) = 4.5
    PQ = √((11-2)^2 + 0^2) = 9

    So what do you think?

    ( I suggest you also check the slopes of MN and PQ )

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