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geographers want to know how people living in hazard-phone areas are affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes although the number of natural disasters has remained relatively constant over the years- thrity per year throughout the world the toll in death and destruction rises annually higher statistics for rising losses can be attributed to an increase in the populations exposed to hazradous areas inflation and better informed reporting of global events fortunately the type frequency and magnitude of hazards vary so that some places are not as hazardous as others to avoid or minimize possible losses and to aid survival the inhabitants of hazardous enviroments must acquire accurate perceptions of the natural hazards in their local area hazard perception is acquired by means of experience and education several research studies indicate that a population cannot rely on experience for knowledge of natural hazards consequently education may provide the most reliable means of gaining information about natural hazards and how to react during emergencies

which of the following statements is supported by information in the article?
a. people are better informed about hurricanes than they are about floods
b. natural hazards can be prevented if people are educated about their occurrence
c. increased losses due to natural disasters are partly due to the economic development in hazardous areas
d. knowledge of natural hazards does little to minimize the risk associated with hazards
e. most people are knowledge of the natural hazards likely to occur in the area where they live

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    And your answer is??

    Btw -- this paragraph would be much easier to read with appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

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    I disagree.

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