10th Grade Chemistry

posted by Wuhta

I struggle in the sciences and was wondering what I could do over the summer self studying wise to prepare for 10th grade chem?

  1. bobpursley

    Summer is almost gone.
    I would get this book NOW. STudy it.

    Then keep the book to use as a reference during the year.


  2. Wuhta

    True, but I'm winding down my summer partying and trying to start getting back into school with a head start. Thank you very much for the reference, just ordered it. :)

  3. menbre

    ask peple
    read quickly

  4. Ms Sue

    How's college??

  5. Zinhle Dlamini

    College is fun but challenging so studying must be your main concern.To manage I have a time table for not only studying but everything that I do daily and dat helps me in control of everything

  6. anonymous

    Just be calm nd prepare ur timetable nd act acc to it u ll get proper tym 2 study as well as play

  7. Nicole

    scientific Notation for 180033000000.00

  8. Braelyn

    Chem for me was mad hard especially avagadros number, but then again i was always missing my chem class because i always had other stuff to do. but really just study hard, chem is not easy it is not a bunch of explosions and fun. it is pure math it is really boring.

  9. Hoe

    100 cm of water at 60

  10. Ms.sue

    Go to a Chemistry website to find your answer there are tons of Chemistry websites there's bound to be one with your answer start searching.

  11. Darkiplier

    Chem Websites usually does the trick

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