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President John F.Kennedy said in his inaugural address "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

1.President Kennedy was calling on U.S citizens to
a. renew their spirit of service to the nation
b. have more confidence in their government
c. conserve the nation's resources
d. support his administration's policies

2. which of the following actions is the best example of U.S citizens trying to live up to the challenge President John F. Kennedy was presenting in the statement above?
a. pressing for an increase in ferdal energy tax credits
b. arguing for the elimination of a state income tax
c. volunteering to serve a poll attendants during a election

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    I got
    1. a
    2. c

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    Right again! :-)

    You're going to ace this exam.

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    in kennedys inaugural address what was the first revolution president kennedy spoke of was it the american revolution,the emancipation proclamation,the war of 1812

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    volunteering to serve as poll attendants during an election

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