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What type of resume emphasizes the continuity and growth of your career?
A. Targeted
B. Chronological
C. Functional
D. Creative

2. Suppose you're an artist who has been doing projects on your own and, at the same time, working at an art supply store. You're ready to try to get a job in a gallery, but you have little experience. What type of resume would you most likely choose for this purpose?
A. Targeted
B. Chronological
C. Functional
D. Creative

3. Which one of the following rights of ownership restricts the artist the least?
A. First North American rights
B. First world rights
C. Exclusive unlimited world rights
D. Subsidiary rights

4. The owner of a small market has offered you $100 to design an advertisement. Your best option would be to
A. enter into an attorney-approved contract.
B. begin by negotiating reproduction rights.
C. request first North American rights.
D. draw up a purchase order.

5. Which type of resume emphasizes dates and job titles?
A. Functional
B. Creative
C. Targeted
D. Chronological

6. You've decided to send resumes to companies in a number of different cities. In which document should you express your willingness to relocate?
A. Cover letter
B. Targeted resume
C. Contract
D. Chronological resume

7. You design a logo for the window of a client's dry cleaning store. You want to make sure that the client can't use your design in any other way. You should make sure your contract contains a/an _______ clause.
A. copyright
B. cancellation
C. reproduction rights
D. fair use

8. The right to use an artist's work for research purposes is protected by
A. reproduction rights.
B. copyright law.
C. copyright notice.
D. fair use.

9. Which one of the following statements describes first North American rights?
A. Your client is the first in the United States to reproduce your work.
B. You can work only in the United States and Canada.
C. Your client is the only one in the United States allowed to reproduce your work.
D. You can't work in Europe.

10. You've produced a series of illustrations for a client. You want to register your illustrations with the United States Copyright Office. You would most likely choose which type of registrations?
A. Copyright notice
B. Group registration
C. Reproduction rights
D. Tear sheet

11. At what point do artists' works become protected by copyright?
A. On the date the work is created
B. On the date the work is published
C. On the date the Copyright Office receives a completed application
D. On the date the artist receives a Certificate of Registration

12. Which one of the following clients would be most likely to offer a standard contract for artwork they've commissioned?
A. A large art gallery
B. A small, independent restaurant
C. A private club
D. A local fish market

13. A cover letter for freelance employment should include
A. details about your education.
B. a description of each piece of art you send.
C. a brief introduction to you and your work.
D. the rate at which you expect to be reimbursed.

14. Which one of the following individuals would most likely not have to submit a resume for a job?
A. A commercial artist whose career has been developing over several years
B. A graphic designer who has little experience
C. An experienced professional who wants to take a new direction
D. A freelance artist who wants to design a book jacket

15. Which one of the following reproduction rights gives the artist the least amount of freedom?
A. First world rights
B. Subsidiary rights
C. Exclusive unlimited world rights
D. All rights

16. Which one of the following items must you submit to the Copyright Office?
A. Certificate of Registration
B. Form VA
C. Copyright Notice
D. Group registration

17. Which one of the following situations is an example of a breach of contract?
A. You must appear in court because of a contractual disagreement.
B. Your client has used your artwork for educational purposes without your permission.
C. Your client changes her mind and decides not use the art she contracted.
D. Your client fails to pay you after you complete a contracted job.

18. A bill you send a client for your artwork is called a/an
A. fee.
B. invoice.
C. standard contract.
D. fair use.

19. You produce a painting for an encyclopedia. The publisher of the encyclopedia most likely has what type of rights to your artwork?
A. Reproduction rights
B. Copyrights
C. Nonexclusive rights
D. Subsidiary rights

20. In which of the following situations are you entitled to a kill fee?
A. You produce a piece of artwork according to the client's specifications, but the client decides not to use your work.
B. You and the client agree on a design, and you decide to make extensive changes that the client doesn't like.
C. You deliver a design that doesn't meet the client's specifications.
D. You don't deliver a design on time.

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