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Provide an appropraite response.

If y varies inversly as the 4th power of x and y=3 when x=2, what is y when x=0.5?

If Q varies inversly as the sqaure root of R and Q=2 whe R=4, what is Q when R is 25?

  • Algebra 2 -

    1st one:

    y = k(1/x^4)
    when x=2, y=3

    3 = k(1/16) ---> k = 48

    equation: y = 48/x^4

    when y = .5
    .5 = 48/x^4
    x^4 = 96
    y = 96^(1/4) = 2(6^(1/4) or appr. 3.13

    you try the second one, using the same method
    Start with
    Q = k/√R

  • Algebra 2 -

    is the second one R=625?

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