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How has the Suez Canal been a catalyst for nationalism in Egypt?

When the Suez Canal Company was nationalized on July 26, 1956 by Egypt's president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, he became a hero. He remains an iconic figure in the eye of many people in the Arab world. He was one of the army officers who took part in the coup to overthrow the country's British-backed monarchy in 1952. Taking control of the Suez Canal was not only an act of defiance towards Britain, but it was also an act of national assertion. This helped the Arabian people get a sense of Nationalism.

Does this sound too much like a paper for Nasser?

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    I agree -- your answer is a little too heavy on Nasser. You could add more information about how the Canal affected the Egyptian economy and people.

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    Ms. Sue, you being biased. Naseer was hero. Thanks! But you are sure helpful! :)

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    i think this is good.(:

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