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Could you please check these few statements about the deportation/transportation of the Jews to concentration camps, please?

1) When did the persecution of the Jews (the Jewish people') begin?
It began on April 1, 1993 when the Nazis organized a boycott of all Jewish-run businesses.
2) When were the Nuremberg Laws issue and what did they state?
They were issued in September 1935 and they excluded Jews from public life.
3) In particular, they contained a law which stripped German Jews of their citizenship and another law, which prohibited marriages and extramarital sex between Germans and Jews. Some of the laws banned Jews from civil service jobs.
4)Jewish doctors were prevented from working on anyone other than Jewish patients.
5)During the night of ninth and tenth of November 1938 Nazis organized a pogrom against Jews in Austria and Germany which became known as the night of the broken glass.
6)The Nazis started pillaging and burning synagogues, breaking windows of Jewish-owned shops and looting them.
Approximately 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
7) After the beginning of World War Two Nazis began ordering Jews to wear a yellow Star of David on the clothing so that they could be easily recognized and targeted.

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