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I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you.I included my doubts in parantheses.

1) What does Victor Frenkenstein stadn for and how does he try to create a human being? What is his first reaction when confronted with the monster (when he sees the monster for the first time?)
2) When writing Frankenstein Mary Shelley was well aware of the latest scientific theories in the fields of chemistry, evolutionism and electricity.
3) Actually, Dr Frankenstein is the first embodiment of the theme of science and its responsibility to mankind.
4) He tries to create a human being through the use of electricity and chemistry without respecting the rules of nature as far as creation and life are concerned.
5) Are there any similarities between Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Shelley's Frankenstein?
They are both tales of a crime against nature. They both commit a crime against nature (they opposed the laws of nature as far as creation is concerned???)
6) The ancient mariner shoots the albatross for no apparent reason whereas Frankenstein creates a human being through the use of electricity, thus disregading the laws of creation.
7) What is the subtitle to Shelley's Frankenstein symbolic of?
Frankenstein is compared to Prometheus, who in Greek mythology was a giant who stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to men. He is therefore an example of an overreacher (???), just like Dr Frankenstein.

  • English -

    1. Frenken = Franken... stadn = stand

    6. disregading = disregarding


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