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Hello again. Please help me with several more questions.
1)Is it possible to say "treaty about" or is it only "treaty on (nuclear disarmament)"?
2)Is the verb "proclaim" OK in the context "he proclaimed that children were starving in Zimbabwe"?
3)Does "taxation code" mean the same as "tax code"?
4)Is "UNO officials" used in English or is it "UN officials" only?
5) Is it possible to say "he came to the post of president" (maybe "he assumed/took the post of president")?
6)Is it possible to say "to hold a military operation" or "to carry out an operation"?
7) Is it possible to say "to carry out a policy"?
8) Is the sentence correct (I mean the word order)"he didn't take into consideration her apologies or the apologies of her family"? Maybe "he didn't take her....into consideration"?
9) Is the sentence possible "the UN considers Iran to be aimed at creating nuclear weapons"?
10)Is the article used in the phrases "he became (the?)president of the USA", "he became (the?)US president"
Thank your very much for all your help.

  • English -

    1. treaty on

    2. yes

    3. yes

    4. "UN officials" is easily understood. I have no idea what UNO refers to.

    5. Any of those phrasings will work.

    6. to carry out...

    7. Yes, you can, but "to implement a policy" is far better.

    8. Either word order works, but the first one is better.

    9. "aimed at"? Better to write this: the UN considers Iran to be creating nuclear weapons.

    10. These can be phrased with or without "the".

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