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What is an example of play that relates to a curriculum standard in mathematics?

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    Most states have some sort of math standard around computation. For example, the game "Closest to 20" allows the children to pull 6 digit cards (0-10) and choose the 3 that would create sum closest to 20. This game increase mental computation, algebraic reasoning and computational skills. There is related game called "Closest to 100" You can google both games and you will not only find the game sheets, but an online version of both games.

    For younger students, maniuplatives of all kinds take play with objects and relate them to math concepts. Pattern blocks can be used to teach geometry, symmetry, fractions and addition. Unifix cubes can be used to teach all of the operations. Play money can be used to increase understanding of how the money system works and for base ten concepts. You will need to look up specific standards for your state and relate the "play" to that specific standard. If you go to the NCTM website, you'll find lots of information regarding standards and math games. You can also google the common core standards that most states have adopted and do the same.

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    Thank you, Ed Deb.

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