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1.Christina and Christopher worked together and completed a project about astronomy.

simple subject and compound predicate?

2.Jennifer and her brother were not allowed to go to Great Adventure with the Jones family.

Compound subject and compound predicate

3. Take this to Grandmother's house;
imperative sentence with subject understood (I think)

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    "simple" anything = 1

    "compound" anything = 2

    Let me know what you think about #s 1 and 2.

    #3 - correct

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    Then they are both then compound subject and compound predicate.

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    #1 has compound subject and compound verb.

    Re-think #2.

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    Jennifer and her brother-Compound Subject

    were not allowed to go- simple predicate? I thought that to go would be the 2nd predicate.

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    Compound subject = correct

    Simple verb = were allowed ("not" is an adverb)

    The verb form "to go" is an infinitive, not a whole verb that can have a subject.

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    The correct answer would be compound subject and simple predicate then.

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    Yes, right.

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    i want excersis

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