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Can you please tell me which expressions are possible? Thank you.

1) Women had to provide an education to children Better: they had to provide children with an education, they were in charge of children's education, they were entrusted with (?)/responsible for/ children's education
2) Respectability implied/involved (both possible?) possessing good manners, attending the church regularly, and doing some charitable activity.
3) Respectability consisted (?) in having good manners.
4) It also involved the observance of Sunday as a day of rest.
5) The father had to mantain the family (better: support, provide for?)
6) Women had to take care of/look afte the chldren.
7) Women had the task to manage the house. A Victorian family was a patriarchal unit where the father stayed atthe top.
8) Single women with children were considered as fallen women.
Patriotism was considered one of the basic value of Victorian society.
9) It was linked to the belief of the superiority of the British race over the other races.
10) More important was responsability.
(This sentence is wrong: A more important value was .....?
There are three types of it. (implying interior monologue, which was mentioned before)

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    I'll give you my preferences for each:

    1. Women were responsible for children's education.

    2. Respectability involved knowing and using good manners, attending church regularly, and doing some charitable activity.

    3. See above.

    4. OK

    5. The father had to support the family. ("provide for" is also good)

    6. take care of

    7. Women had the task of managing the house. A Victorian family was a patriarchal unit. (the rest is redundant)

    8. ... one of the basic values ...

    9. ... the belief in ...

    10. One of the highest values was that of responsibility. (note the spelling)

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