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Can you please check these sentences? Thank you.

1)How does Eveline earn a living? What is she like? She is submissive, tired, confused and unsure.
2) She was sexually abused by her father.
3) What does she think of while she is sitting waiting for the time to leave?
What triggers Eveline’s flashback to the night of her mother’s death?
4) Why is she going to marry Frank? To escape form her unhappy, hard life.
5)How does she imagine her future will be like? She believes she will be treated with respect and her father will miss her.
6) What does the poet remember in the first stanza? How are the flowers presented? What poetical devices does 7) Wordsworth make us of to describe the flowers? He uses similes and personification.

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    4. from (spelling)

    5. Use "What" instead of "How"

    6. First two questions are OK.

    7. What poetic devices does Wordsworth use to describe the flowers? He uses similes and personification.

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