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Can you check these few sentences, please?

1) Wait! I'll help you with your shopping.
I'll take the shopping for you.
2) Do you know what will happen if you don't pay the bill?
3) As soon as he finishes school, he'll look for job.
The station is too far from here, I'll take you in the car.
4) Australia is farther from Europe than America. Which one is better? This sweatshirt or the one with stripes?
5) Have you ever been in that (not to )that supermarket?
Roger has made too many mistakes.
If it is sunny next week, I'll sunbathe on the beach.
6) You must write your questions on some foolscap paper.
You should have brought some fooscap paper to class.
7) Who will teach me French?
8) Revise all the summaries from Unit 7 to Unit 12, type the vocabulary list at the back of your coursebook and repeat the translation from the French into English.
How do you abbreviate point? 10 pts.
The first exercise is evaluated (??) ten points.

  • English -

    3. look for a job

    8. is evaluated or is worth


  • English -

    5) Have you ever been to that supermarket?
    6) … You should have brought some FOOLSCAP paper to class (typo)
    8)… repeat the translation from French into English – (or French to English.translation)

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