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I left out a few sentences.Thank you for your cooperation.

1) Do/take an exam
2) Have a holiday/go on holiday/go to London for my holiday.
3) go for a bath (in the sea, at the swimming pool),take a bath (at home), take/have a shower.
4) Don't ride your bike on that road.
Don't cycle/go for a ride on that road.
5) I went for a ride on my bike yesterday.
6) It takes me (always necessary) five minutes to go to school by car (to drive to school).

  • English -

    1. Use the verb "take" -- We will take the math exam on Tuesday. He took his biology exam last week. She takes her English exam later this morning.

    2. Use the 2nd and 3rd choices here, not the 1st.

    3. Go for a swim in the ocean or in a pool or lake. Take a bath at home. Take a shower.

    4. Use the 1st; the other two are OK, but the first is used the most.

    5. OK

    6. It takes me five minutes to drive to school. (The other phrasing is OK, but this phrasing uses fewer words and is more commonly used.)

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