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I need help scanning "Combing"

  • poetry -

    First, you have to begin by marking the stressed and unstressed syllables -- only then can you see if there is a pattern or not -- and if so, which of the meters the pattern fits. If there is no pattern, then do you know what that's called?

    First stanza:
    BEN ding, I BOW my head
    and LAY my HANDS up ON
    her HAIR, COMB ing, and THINK
    how WO men DO this for
    each OTH er. My DAUGH ter’s HAIR
    WET and FRA grant— OR ange
    PA rings. Her FACE, downcast,
    is QUI et for ONE so YOUNG.

    (I've put the stressed syllables in CAPS and left the unstressed syllables in lower-case letters.)

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