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1. The energy used by living organisms
a. is declining through time.
b. is derived by breaking bonds that hold the atoms in organic molecules together.
c. involves ionic bonds more often than covalent bonds.
d. is available only from glucose when it undergoes respiration.
e. tends to accumulate in a food chain.

2. The second law of thermodynamics holds that
a. matter can be neither created nor destroyed.
b. energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
c. energy disperses spontaneously.
d. energy transformations create a more orderly universe.
e. energy and matter are the same thing.

3. Metabolism involves
a. the cells capacity to acquire energy
b. cellular processes used in accumulation of materials.
c. reactions that break apart nutrients to release energy
d. disposal of materials
e. all of the above.

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    a e d

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    1. A
    2. B
    3. C

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